Open courses in sales, Learn practical tools and skills

You will be dressed with the most important and latest sales tools, and you will meet other key account managers, consultants and salesmen.

Open Educations

Get practical tools and competences

With a sales course, you will be dressed with the most important and latest sales tools, and you will meet other key account managers, consultants and salesmen. The courses are merit giving and will grant you 10 ECTS points at passed international acknowledged examination.

At Connection Management, ‘uddannelse’ (education) consists of two parts: UD + DANNELSE. Here at Connection Management, we focus on UD (out). You need to be able to go out and directly use what you have learnt. Your profit should be as good as possible here and now. The exercises are based on your experiences and will broaden your understanding of real life situations. Furthermore, you are able to extend with some of our other educations.

Through the years, Connection Management has educated more than 20.000 people. We are known for creating effective results through our view on education.

The education will take place in our fantastic educational house, which is located on the borderline between Nærum and Gl. Holte. The facilities, conditions and the surroundings match in every way the quality level of the educations.

Get more information about an education in sale by completing the contact form at one of the educations – we will then call you within one work day. Naturally, you are also welcome to contact us by telephone at 70 25 15 15.

With one of our educations, you will get new knowledge and new angles, which will create new growth, increased value, results as well as increased efficiency in everyday life.




An overview of open sales educations

Sales Psychology and Basic Sales

After the sales course, you will be able to – with success – carry through a sale of yourself, an idea or a project. Your success will be based on knowledge about different sorts of behaviour – both the recipient and your own.

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Strategic Sales

By and large, it is the same story that you are telling each time. However, when a great sale succeeds, everything is good, and you do not think as much of your sales techniques.

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Presentation Technique

When your presentations succeed, you do not think as much of it. The recipient understands you and you have succeeded. But what sort of presentation techniques actually underlies the success – And what should you not do?

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Cases with an open sales course


"I chose Sales Psychology because I wanted to strengthen my profile and attractiveness as a job seeker, expand my network as well as receive input from the other course participants. At the same time, there is no harm in getting a good education for free when the opportunity arises..."

Member of the job seeking network,
Get A Head

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"The course and the way of teaching was quite unique. Incredibly inspiring and educational.
To me personally, the last 5 weeks have been tough. I have been studying and studying and gone through the different models and theories again and again..."

Alex Westergaard,
Partner at Dansk Revision Kalundborg

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