Sales counselling and consultancy

Counselling and consultancy

Our company counselling always takes as its starting point your company. We do not have standard solutions in the drawer, because we thoroughly acquaint ourselves with your company’s needs and the direction which is established for just that. Therefore, we are able to counsel and help to make your good managers even better. Thus, we are able to help you sell even more products and/or services.

Before we start, we will thoroughly acquaint ourselves with the everyday life of your company – and spice our management counselling with the experience we have from successful courses in similar companies in your field.

We have been working with more than 1000 companies, since Connection Management started in 2002. We have built up knowledge, experience and a number of effective tools which help companies to ensure continuing growth and to create good results.

We often help and counsel companies in these areas – and we can also help you and your employees:

  • To make your strategy and plans functional
  • To take charge of your company as regards workflow and goals
  • To strengthen and incorporate the right competences
  • To create more time for sale and management
  • To get the best out of each other – both when it comes to efficiency and communication
  • To create the right culture and behaviour
  • To establish your KPIs and succeed
  •  And a great deal more …


The five phases

In order to obtain the best possible result and the highest quality, we will organise a process in 5 phases:

1. Preliminary analysis

  • Interview with chosen managers and employees about the strengths/development areas of the company and the target group
  • Participate “live” with chosen managers and employees
  •  Interview with chosen customers

2. Assessment – Start-up and evaluation

  • Interview with closest managers about each employee’s strengths and development areas
  • Interview with each employee about own strengths and development areas
  • Interview with customers about how they are experiencing the partnership, and what can possibly be improved
  •  Preparation of profile tools before and after the course

3. Steering group meetings

  • Evaluation of preliminary analysis
  • Establishment of 20% producticity improvements
  • Decision on standards as well as other performance measures and contents of the course
  • Ongoing division of responsibilities and implementation

4. The course

  • Workshops
  • Education – theory, training and “live” situations
  • Individual coaching/discussion/mentoring

5. Follow-up

  • Follow-up on the course, efforts and results
  • Training/coaching on present challenges
  • Adjustment of plans of action
  • Next step

Selected cases


"I have been working with Connection Management through quite some time and in different areas. Right from a general conversation with Connection about strategies, challenges and so on, to concrete coaching courses and help to make the sales effort more efficient..."

Svend Terkelsen,
HR consultant at Semler Gruppen

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"Our focus was that all employees should have a service-minded but also a selling conduct with concrete tools to use in the dialogue with guests without compromising on the great experience, going to the movies..."

Niels Andersen,
Operational coordinator at Nordisk Film

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