Want to increase sales, start with people - not products.
  • View of important issues
  • Knowledge about pivotal tools in the sale
  • An increased sale starts with people – not products
  • On the sidelines in all part of the sale’s phases

About sale

Do you want to increase the sale, you need to start with people – not products.

We offer sales training for your employees in order to improve their sales techniques – Regardless of whether it is additional sales, additional sale or cross-selling. You will hereby be able to be at the forefront of daily challenges such as booking of meetings, closing orders, meeting the customers in their world, prioritising tasks and general planning of daily life.

It is our experience that sale is a difficult profession, which all the time needs to be refined in order to meet the market potential which is otherwise overlooked. It is with this perspective that we are looking at sales development. It is our belief that we, through goal-oriented sales training, will be able to improve your company’s ability to implement the sales strategies.

Therefore, we stand on the sidelines in all phases of the sale, from correlation with the salesmen to strategic sales counselling.

Our goal is to increase the productivity of the employees with 20% as a minimum.

Connection Management offers

Cases with a sale course


"The sale of our counter product was increased with 51.000 items in a month – great to see that it pays off!"

Niels Andersen,
Works coordinator at Nordisk Film

You can see the case here


"In addition to the total additional sales, we have also gained a greater homogeneity in our KAM group, since all KAM now contribute to creating more additional sales..."

Mogens Damgaard,
Manager at Willis

You can see the case here