Focus on Leadership and get link between effort and results
  • Productive management time – How do you ensure more time for management?
  • Management – How do you manage your employees even better?
  • Management of meetings – How do you improve the quality of your meetings?
  • Coaching – How do you get even more out of your employees?
  • Motivation – How do you make your employees more motivated?

About management

Manager in name or in fact?

Many companies and organisations are experiencing a growing need for change and development. This places demands on situational management from the people who have chosen to be managers.

It is our experience that managers have one common challenge: Time. Time is the only resource, we cannot increase, so how are you as a manager to find the right prioritisation of your tasks?

That and management tasks as well as the connection between performance and result, coaching and motivation of employees will be the focus of our counselling.

Based on the practical part of the management development (training and coaching), we wish to contribute to a more value based management, which will give a productivity improvement of 20% as a minimum.

Connection Management offers

Selected cases

Management education

"We were very aware that this project was one of our most important internal MUST-WIN-BATTLES..."

Rune Færgemann,
HR Manager at Fujitsu

You can see the case here

Management education

"When choosing an external business partner, it was crucial to us that we believed that they were able to change our conduct...”

Allan Jørgensen,
CEO at Kemp & Lauritzen

You can see the case here