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Brian Viuf Christensen

Chief consultant

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Brian Viuf Christensen


Brian is a consultant at Connection Management. Brian has competences within all areas of the concept and is academically responsible for our open educations.


The past:

Brian has experience within the communication industry in companies such as IBM and DHL, in the last-mentioned as head of communications where he was responsible for internal communication and PR. In addition to this, he has been a project manager, a counselling consultant and a teacher. Moreover, Brian is certified in the industrial psychological test system Master Personal Analysis (MPA) and he has continuing educations in sale, management and lean.


Spare time:

Brian lives with his family in Nødebo, which is located in the middle of Gribskov by the Esrum sø, so his spare time is used for instance in the fantastic scenery with walking and running as well as sailing and fishing.



Everybody who sees themselves or their organisation as being finish with developing is more finish than developed!


Teaching/consultancy experience:

Has been teaching since 2007


Management experience:

Has been a manager since 2007



Management in Practice Sales psychology Project management MA from the University of Copenhagen


Experience with Profile Tools:



Selection of international/national customers:

Dako, Colas, BG Burchart, LN Eurocom, Aubo Køkkener, Hjerteforeningen, Dyrenes beskyttelse, Gentofte Hospital, Amagerforbrændingen, Helsingørs Hospital, Rudersdal Kommune, Dansk Psykolog Forening among others.