Allard Claessens | Connection Management

Allard Claessens

Senior consultant

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Allard is working at an international level along with his colleagues in the more than 44 Mercuri countries in order to keep on developing his expertise. Today, Allard works primarily for organisations in Belgium and Benelux within the following areas: general management, sales management, coaching, integrated product management, sale and customer service.

As a teacher, Allard is known to be dynamic and pragmatic. Allard’s expertise within the medical sector entails that he is working with projects at different levels for companies which sell ethical medicaments, generic medicine, OTC products, consumables and equipment for GPs, specialists, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacists and others. Within the Belgian team, Allard is also an expert in key & hospital account management.

Allard is a member of The Health Care Expert group of the Marketing Foundation in Belgium and a guest teacher at UAMS (University of Antwerp – Management School) and The Catholic College in Hasselt.


The past:

After 15 years’ experience in sales, purchase and management, Allard started as a teacher within sale with varying business activities in Benelux and France as his speciality. In 2000, he was employed at Mercuri International and developed specific lesson modules for the medical sector.