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Management in Practice

When your management succeeds in practice, you do not think as much of it. The employees and colleagues understand you and you have succeeded. But which sort of management practice actually underlies the success? And which sort of management practice rarely succeeds? What is it that talented managers are able to do?

With a course in management in practice, we will illustrate the tools which make management effective – so that you after the education will be able to – with success – create results with and through others. You will develop your management conduct and be able to realize the full potential of your employees and through that, create even better results.


Examination and contents

In order to document your competences, the internationally acknowledged education is completed with a business case and an oral examination, which will grant you 10 ECTS-points.

We will take as our starting point challenges from everyday life, where you will also get through a number of practical exercises. In other words, you will be using the learning immediately and you will experience the effect.

The theory gone through and the practical exercises are thoroughly described in the curriculum as well as in the material, which you will get to keep. This will ensure that you will always be able to go back and retrieve concrete examples for the application in your everyday life.

The education and examination is acknowledged by the Danish Ministry of Education.

Responsible for the education

Bjørn Ravnbøl

Senior consultant

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Jesper Winther

Partner and Founder

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Jesper Cort Banke

Partner and Chief executive officer

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Brian Viuf Christensen

Chief consultant

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Course plan

The coaching education runs over 8 weeks including 4 days of attendance and one examination day.

Module 1: 1 day

Module 2: 1 day

Module 3: 1 days

Module 4: 1 days

Submission of report:

Oral exam: 30. mins exam

Course content

The education contains among other things:

  • Assessment of management styles’ efficiency in concrete situations
  • Practice related management theories
  • Knowledge of own and others’ learning styles
  • Prioritization of own time
  • Communication tools
  • Presentation tools
  • Project preparation
  • Motivation through understanding personality traits
  • Management in Practice

Entry requirements

The terms of admission to be accepted to the education are that you have two years of work experience and one of the following educations:

  • A relevant vocational education
  • A relevant basic adult education (GVU)
  • An upper secondary education
  • Another relevant education of minimum the same level as the above

Price for Management in Practice

DKK 26.500,-

excluding catering and textbook

Get more information

Apply for admission or get more information about the education by filling in the spaces to the right – then we will call you within one work day. You are of course also welcome to contact us by telephone at 70 25 15 15.

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Cases with educations in Management in Practice


"When we are to succeed in making our business even better, it all starts with the management. Thus, the choice of an external consultancy was a crucial parameter – and by choosing Connection Management, we have made the right decision...”

Rune Færgemann,
HR manager at Fujitsu

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"The method of teaching with a lot of practice and minimal theory is a distinct preference, and the results of the employees have improved after the courses. I can highly recommend Connection Management regarding sales educations and teambuilding...”

Henrik Kongsbak,
Area Sales Manager at Storck Europe North

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