Company customised communication courses

Company customised communication courses

A customised communication course which will ensure that your company succeeds

Communication courses at Connection Management will typically extend over a longer period of time with established goals and landmarks. In this period, we will get close to everyone involved and therefore, we will become a natural part of the organisation. We are willing to go far in order to create a healthy foundation for the goals to be achieved and to ensure that progress is made. We will gradually bestow to you the responsibility for the continued development.


With our company customised communication courses, you will get:

  • Goal-oriented solutions for the concrete challenges of your company
  • Homogeneity and consistency in the company
  • Better synergy and understanding between the employees, manager and department
  • Focus on implementation of the goals and strategies of the company

A 20% improvement

Our communication courses are typically based on these areas:

  • Communication in practice – How do you improve the communication by 20%?
  • Dissemination – Get your messages across 20% more efficiently
  • The language – Use it properly, create trust and become 20% more goal-oriented in your choice of words
  • Coaching – How do you get 20% more out of your employees?
  • Presentation – How do you get 20% better at presenting?

The five phases

In order to obtain the best possible result and the highest quality, we will organise a process in 5 phases:

1. Preliminary analysis

  • Interview with chosen managers and employees about the strengths/development areas of the company and the target group
  • Participate “live” with chosen managers and employees
  • Interview with chosen customers

2. Assessment – Start-up and evaluation

  • Interview with closest managers about each employee’s strengths and development areas
  • Interview with each employee about own strengths and development areas
  • Interview with customers about how they are experiencing the partnership, and what can possibly be improved
  • Preparation of profile tools before and after the course

3. Steering group meetings

  • Evaluation of preliminary analysis
  • Establishment of 20% producticity improvements
  • Decision on standards as well as other performance measures and contents of the course
  • Ongoing division of responsibilities and implementation

4. The course

  • Workshops
  • Education – theory, training and “live” situations
  • Individual coaching/discussion/mentoring

5. Follow-up

  • Follow-up on the course, efforts and results
  • Training/coaching on present challenges
  • Adjustment of plans of action
  • Next step

Cases with a customised communication course


"Many employees have moved their limitations and what is more, they have got to know them, all for the benefit of each individual as well as the workplace..."

Michael Rhode Enegaard,
Business manager at Danske Bank

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"The advantage of collaborating with Connection Management is that both management and employees feel an ardent enthusiasm from the consultants..."

Lone Zibrandtsen,
HR Manager at Star Tour

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