About communication with Connection Management
  • Goal-oriented solutions for the concrete challenges of your company
  • Homogeneity and consistency in the company
  • Better synergy and understanding between the employees, manager and department
  • Focus on implementation of the goals and strategies of the company

About communication

Our way of communicating is of vital importance to our relations with other people. It is our personal business card – and we only have one chance of making a good first impression.

Therefore, communication, dialogue and presentation is important as regards the results you want to achieve. Good communication results in good relations as well as a reliable impression and it builds up trust between people – privately as well as professionally.

With our courses in communication, communication training, coaching and presentation, your employees will be given effective and useful tools, regardless of whether it is change communication, strategic communication or company communication.

Based on for instance communication models and communication psychology, we wish to contribute to a more value based communication, which will strengthen your business.

Our goal is to increase the productivity of the employees by 20%.

Connection Management offers

Cases med kommunikationsforløb

Company customised communication education

"The company has developed. I have engaged more employees, made a new website and lots of other things and at the same time, my customers have been extremely satisfied with both our deliverables and service..."

Patrik Lobe,
Manager at Lobe Malerfirma

You can see the case here

Company customised communication education

"When choosing a business partner it is crucial that the partner understands our business and our reality. When we looked for a partner and a training supplier, we were aware that our most valuable assets (our employees)..."

Annette Hasenberg,
HR Director at Nordic Tankers

You can see the case here