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Written by
Mogens Damgaard

Direktør hos Willis

Willis came to us because they wanted a programme for their employees and partners which was able to support the company’s vision and business.

The company

Willis is among the world’s biggest companies with a speciality of risk management. We are 17.000 employees worldwide, with 450 of these in Denmark. Our employees are highly educated specialists within Operational, Boardroom and People Risk. Our experience covers all industries and companies – worldwide. In May 2009, Willis was able to celebrate its 25th anniversary in Denmark. In those now more than 25 years, Willis has gone through a rapid development – from starting as a small company of three people in Randers to today being the biggest insurance broker in Denmark.


Through dialogue with its customers, Willis wishes to find the right and best solutions. In the endeavours to improve all the time, Willis contacted Connection Management A/S with an ambition of creating a programme for its employees and partners, which was able to support the company’s vision and business. Jointly and through a thorough preliminary analysis, Connection Management A/S and Willis created a unique and ground-breaking educational programme which within the industry has proved to be ”best-in-class” and once again, Willis is ”first mover” – in an industry which is normally conservative and true to form. Through quite some time, the market for pension and insurance has been under pressure and therefore, the competences of the employees are a crucial parameter when it comes to commercial success. The educational background of the attendees was typically a certified insurance agent from the insurance academy as well as a M Sc in Business Economics and economists.

The solution

Connection Management started the project by carrying out a preliminary analysis where all opportunities and challenges were analysed. This was done by interviews, steering group meetings, surveys and dialogue with the many customers and business partners that Willis has.
A large part of the course and the solution was an educational academy, where all attendees completed a formal and customised education in strategic sale and key account management. The education was completed with a written business case, where they were to contribute with an issue and a solution which they subsequently were to defend at an oral exam with an external examiner. In addition to the concrete commercial results, which the attendees have already created, the education has given the attendees international merit and ECTS points.


Business manager Mogens Damgaard says: ”We were very aware that this was one of our most important educational initiatives ever. When looking back on the course, we have already obtained both very measurable and concrete results. Our customer satisfaction has increased and the sale has increased – both well over 20%. After the educational course, we have increased our NPS score with 22 percent points.

In addition to the total additional sales, we have also gained a greater homogeneity in our KAM group, since all KAM now contribute to creating more additional sales.
When we are to succeed in making our business even better, it all starts with our conduct. When choosing an external business partner, it was crucial to us that we believed that they were able to change our conduct as well as create a common platform – and by choosing Connection Management, we have made the right decision. Many of my colleagues in the rest of the organisation have noticed the commercial breakthrough we have created, and that is why we are going to repeat the success among other departments in the house.”