Weber | Connection Management


Written by
Anders Jensen

Key Account Manager hos Weber

After considering the matter for a while, I chose to participate in Connection Management’s merit giving Sales Psychology course, acknowledged by the state, which, in addition to the 10 ECTS points, has given me several tools.

What did I then get out of my decision to prioritise this course? I must confess that I, with 15 successful years within sales, have never been able to interpret what fundamentally makes the difference in the sale. The course has really given me a whole new outlook on how to convey a message, which is what happens in any sales situation. I have been given a lot of tools which I can use in practice in my association with people AND regarding sale.

I have a great respect for the teachers who are able to convey the theory in practice, so that it can be related to the actual sales situations in our daily life. I have already used several of the techniques from the course – it is educational to challenge yourself in everyday life. To me, this is really motivating and I have already recommended the course to everyone who wishes to become even better at sale and communication.