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Volvo Busser Danmark

Written by
Fredrik Röstad

Direktør hos Volvo Busser Danmark

”Volvo Busser Danmark has chosen Connection Management as a business partner in order to strengthen the sales activities on the aftermarket, where the goal is to be number 1 in the market. Thus, the course has contributed to ensure an increase in the additional sales in the aftermarket in chosen areas of 9,6 percent.

The target group covers a wide field as regards function and background, and Connection Management has been competent and a breath of fresh air in relation to management and other employees, and they have ensured zest and understanding as regards one’s own role in the sale, and they have created a good and solid (team) spirit for the future efforts.

The overall main themes have been:

  • How do we ensure the right attitudes and convictions for the sales roles?
  • Segmentation and sales strategy
  • Business sense
  • Sales training, including what do the customers expect from Volvo Busser
  • How do we handle different customer situations?

The course has been completed with professional discussion between Connection Management and Volvo Busser Danmark, and it has ensured an operationalisation of the sales strategy, including concrete plans of action and sales efforts”.

Volvo Busser Danmark, Direktør, Fredrik Röstad