Case Synthes | Connection Management


Written by
Tina Czajkowska

Adm. Direktør hos Synthes

Connection Management is a serious business partner, whom we highly recommend, because they manage to become acquainted with the world and needs of their customers, and from this adapt their teaching and support so that it becomes practically applicable. This, combined with a great engagement from the consultants as well as a well-planned process with a focus on workshops and practical use, has to us served as a promoter regarding the achievement of the goals agreed. The consultants of Connection Management are, with their ability to emphasise and their enthusiasm, agreeable and very inspiring coaches and teachers, who have contributed to lifting our competences in the management group, especially within coaching, to a high level. On the basis of the above-mentioned, we have chosen to make use of Connection again in connection with sales training of our salesmen.


Says:  CEO, Tina Czajkowska, Synthes