Exciting training in Sales Psychology | Connection Management

Syd Energi

Written by
Susanne Erichsen Hansen

Key Account Manager hos Syd Energi

Interesting education in Sales Psychology

I lacked some concrete tools in relation to customer contact in my everyday work, which I got after having participated in Connection Management’s education in Sales Psychology.

I contacted Connection Management after having found them on the internet. Right from the beginning, I received comprehensive advice and counseling from Connection on what they could offer me, and together we found the best solution for me in relation to my concrete wishes, which turned out to be an education in Sales Psychology and Basic Sale. The education spoke to me since it did not just focus on basic sale but also on the psychological perspective of a sale, and the connection between the two.

The content on the education was of high quality and on a level that I have not previously experienced in other educations. It was a very educational and insightful experience, and I am especially satisfied with the way the lessons and teaching took place, since we were introduced to different perspectives during the education and the teachers had their respective way of catching the participants’ interest, which in my opinion is the foundation for the participants learning more since not everyone learns alike. Already from the first day, I had a good perception of Connection Management since I experienced a nice atmosphere in the house which made everyone feel welcome and part of the “family” from day one.

The education lived up to my expectations of getting concrete tools in relation to customer contact and I have been able to utilize what I have learned from the education as a type of look-up to achieve a better sale, which has been a huge help for me in my everyday work. I have learned to identify and analyze various types of customers including their motives and objectives, which I have been able to apply in my preparations of sales pitches and given me a better understanding of the customer’s need and wishes, and thus more satisfied customers. I have gotten an understanding of my own creation of trust through various techniques, which have had a great impact on the relation between the customer and me. Furthermore, it is not only in sales I have been able to feel a difference in my everyday work. I have experienced that I can apply the knowledge I have gained from the education in other aspects than just sales – the psychological part of the education has added a new perspective to be able to better comprehend and understand other aspects in business context such as negotiation with suppliers.

I would definitely recommend Connection Management to others since I experienced a great teaching method which includes better understanding among the participants and follow-up on what we learned.