SuperBest | Connection Management


Written by
Maja Clausen

HR Chef hos SuperBest

From 2006 to 2010, SuperBest has had a good and fruitful partnership with Connection Management.
Connection Management has taught our chain consultants and all the shopkeepers out in the stores for instance employment technique and staff development interviews. In relation to this, they have received coaching with the managers at the chain office.
Connection Management has always been well-prepared and they have acquainted themselves with the everyday life of the attendees, so that they have had an understanding of this and the challenges which the attendees meet.
At the same time, the courses have been adapted, so that they have been fitting the values of the chain. Connection Management understands, in an agreeable way, how to provoke as well as get the attendees to break limitations and habits.
I can only recommend Connection Management to others, and I will use them myself in the future as a supplier.