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Plejehjem Himmelev Gl. Præstegaard

Written by
Karina Holst

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I came from a position as a basic nurse with a focus on care and solicitude and subsequently became a charge nurse after a year. That is, I did not have any appreciable management experience within the profession. I was introduced to management in my former profession as head of destination, however, as this was a couple of years ago, I was destitute regarding many different notions of what I was missing regarding tools in order to become an effective and good manager.

Notions and thoughts which brought me to the internet where tons of opportunities and impossibilities were waiting.

The solution

Connection Management was my first choice after surfing around and searching on focused educations within management. Connection Management’s counsellor was on the spot when I needed clarification of which way to go, with a goal-oriented confirmation of my needs and a closely active listening of what I felt were my needs as well as a professional supervision of what modules I should choose.

A quick and considered plan of action with opportunity for development and education, based on my thoughts and needs, was carried out. This gave me composure to immersion in my new occupation without having to further think about educational opportunities – this had now fallen into place!


I have now completed my first module of the education Management in Practice and this has given me a tool kit with tools regarding management, reflection, discussion and especially focus on management as well as the opportunity of planning and focusing on the structure of my job, the development of employees and appreciation of differences. I can already feel it at a professional level in everyday life where approach to concrete assignments produces energy, whereas in the past they were a massive challenge to implement. The personnel is more engaged and rises to the challenges in a constructive and professional way and this gives energy and good karma in everyday life – hurrah for that.

The content of the education at Connection Management is incredibly intensive – a high professional level which challenges the attendees to dialogue, involvement and development of networks – an incredibly infectious and inspiring way of teaching and inspiring students.

I will at any time recommend Connection Management to everyone, which I already do. Mostly because Connection Management takes pride in its work, knows what management and education is about, is knowledgeable about how to plan education for each individual and it unifies teams/the group as a whole with a common goal of wanting to learn from Connection Management but also to a great extent one’s own involvement and participation.

For me, this has resulted in curiosity regarding differences, inspiration to learning and development and especially knowledge about and respect for management as a field.

Plejehjem Himmelev Gl. Præstegaard, Charge nurse, Karina Holst