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Written by
Niels Andersen

Driftskoordinator hos Nordisk Film

Significant improvement of the sale

Together with the consultancy Connection Management A/S, Nordisk Film Biografer has carried out a project for all 32 managers in the cinemas. The focus of the project has been on creating good results with and through the employees who have thousands of guest interactions on a daily basis. In addition to concrete sales tools, the attendees have also acquired some knowledge about management and recruitment, and together we worked on identifying which profiles recurred in relation to our star employees. The project has been carried out as a customised course with extensive preliminary analysis and subsequent education, discussion and counselling of the many cinema managers. Furthermore, the education was completed with a written assignment from the attendees and an exam acknowledged by the state, where the attendees have received 10 ECTS points.

”It has been incredible to experience the sharp learning graph and the great engagement from the attendees in the process, even though it was hard for our managers to write an assignment and attend an exam at the same time. However, this was a deliberate choice in order for the pulse to rise and to improve the quality in the education, and it was definitely worth it” – says Niels Andersen from Nordisk Film Biografer.

”Our focus was that all employees should have a service-minded but also a selling conduct with concrete tools to use in the dialogue with guests without compromising on the great experience, going to the movies. After the education, we launched a big sales competition in order to train our employees as well as give them great experiences in relation to sale. We chose products which were ”easy to choose – easy to sell” and it worked. The sale of our counter product was increased with 51.000 items in a month – great to see that it pays off!” – says Niels Andersen with a great smile on the lips.

Nordisk Film, Operational Coordinator, Niels Andersen