Education in Management for Merial Norden | Connection Management

Merial Norden

Written by
Leon Lau

Nordic Business Unit Manager hos Merial

We have both attended Connection Management’s education Management in Practice.

The education consisted of different theories within management. We had plenty of time to work with cases and an exchange of experience among the attendees.

We were to complete the course with an exam and this made us a little nervous. However, the advantage was quickly visible in that we all made a project which was applicable in our daily management. There is no doubt that everyone was listening to the teachers in order to hear every word of wisdom.

The title of the education is fully met. It is a course which is applicable from day 1, if you wish so.

Daily life can consist of many different challenges from conflicts to the coaching role and from motivation to different sorts of management types. A very large area is covered in a short period of time, but what is great about this is that all attendees will take home something which can be used in practice at some point.

Therefore, if you need some input in relation to management in your everyday life, you can learn a lot through this education.

Leon Lau and Christian Rasmussen, Business units heads, Merial Norden A/S