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Patrik Lobe

Direktør Lobe Malerfirma

Through approximately 2 years, business manager Patrik Lobe has completed several educations at Connection Management A/S. The educations have given Patrik the foundation necessary in order to develop the company Lobe Malerfirma Aps, have more employees and be able to have other projects at the same time.

About the tools he has been given through the educations at Connection Management, Patrik says: ”It has brought out the best in me, it has been a personal process of development. I have been given communication and sales tools, which means that I do not need to focus as much on the sale but more on delivering what my customers want. Now it comes naturally to me to sell to both my network and to my existing customers, and I am not doing anything which seems wrong. I am able to focus on managing my customers and delivering the best result as opposed to searching for customers all the time.”

He adds: ”The company has developed. I have engaged more employees, made a new website and lots of other things and at the same time, my customers have been extremely satisfied with both our deliverables and service. Thus, if you are a craftsman, self-employed or an entrepreneur, and would like to experience even more sale and development of your business, I highly recommend Connection Management A/S.”