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KOB – An Experian Company

Written by
Christina Hald

Salgschef hos Experian

Years ago, we were looking for a professional partner, who was able to support our commercial strategy to move the sale from traditional product sale to more solution-oriented sale. A process of change where we basically wanted a partner, who was able to match our company and everyday life.

We wanted a partner who was able to contribute through a long process of change and not just piece goods where a course and a fancy folder was given!!! Through a number of years, Connection Management has contributed actively, positively and practically in this process, and through a professionally scheduled coaching course, we have obtained a better focus on the sale as well as a general change of conduct which supports our overall goal.

The partnership with Connection Management has been inspiring and profitable to everyone involved, which includes for instance tele sale, external sale, Key account as well as the sales and marketing management.

Connection Management has energetically helped with the development and implementation of a number of easily accessible practical tools, which have contributed positively to both individual and overall sale results.