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Kemp & Lauritzen

Written by
Allan Jørgensen

CEO hos Kemp & Lauritzen

The company

Kemp & Lauritzen is today the leading company in Denmark within electricity, piping/plumbing, ventilation/cooling as well as technical installation. Kemp & Lauritzen was established in 1882 by ship designer Otto Kemp and telegraph engineer Severin Lauritzen. Together they established one of Europe’s first phone companies, Kjøbenhavns By- og Hustelegraf, which eventually became KTAS. However, they soon decided to divest their interests in the company in order to fully concentrate on development, installation and sale of electric systems. In 1954, the, at the time, privately owned company Kemp & Lauritzen was changed into a joint-stock company which today is owned by Axel Muusfeldts Fond. In 2012, the group turned over 2.2 billion and made 33 million with its approximately 2,000 employees. The group delivers highly specialised solutions to public and private companies with the focus that the group sets the standard for quality, innovation and services for the benefit of the customers.



For quite some time, the contract market has been under pressure and thus, management of both projects, service contracts and employees is a crucial parameter when it comes to commercial success. Kemp & Lauritzen approached Connection Management because they wanted both management and commercial breakthrough to be visible on the bottom line. Managers, from top management to heads of department, who are all engaged in the project wanted to find a business partner which was able to match their needs and which through consulting, education and training was able to create a common management platform. The educational background of the attendees was typically autodidactic managers with great professional experience from electricity, piping/plumbing and ventilation/cooling as well as engineers and economists.


The solution

Connection Management started the project by carrying out a preliminary analysis where all opportunities and challenges were analysed. This was done by interviews, steering group meetings, surveys and 360 degree analyses. A large part of the course and the solution was a management academy where all managers completed a formal and customised management education. The management education was completed with a written business case, where the managers were to contribute with a management issue and a solution which they subsequently were to defend at an oral exam with an external examiner. In addition to the concrete results, which the managers have already created, the management education has given the attendees international merit and ECTS points.



Adm. direktør Allan Jørgensen says: ”We were very aware that this project was one of our most important educational initiatives ever. When we are to succeed in making our business even better, it all starts with the management and our conduct. When choosing an external business partner, it was crucial to us that we believed that they were able to change our conduct as well as create a common management platform – and by choosing Connection Management, we have made the right decision”.