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Written by
Johanne Nordkild Poulsen

Head of Sales hos In-Italia

Experienced an increase of almost 50 % in offline orders

”Through our educational course at Connection Management, we have experienced a giant leap in our way of acting in relation to our customers. The teaching has been very relevant and applicable and the results are hard to miss: We have experienced an increase of almost 50 % in offline orders compared to the same period last year!

In addition to the ascending sales graph in which the education has resulted, we have each experienced a personal development through the course: We have been introduced to many significant theories about communication and about interaction between people. Theories which, in interaction with the tools we have also been introduced to, have made us better communicators, both in proportion to customers and on the whole, in proportion to the people we associate with.”

In-Italia A/S, Sales Manager – Johanne Nordkild Poulsen