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Dorit Jensen

Service Chef hos Hewlett Packard

HP and The Hidden Money Bin

All employees are responsible for the earnings and turnover. Most companies have employees with different functions, and most employees take great professional pride. However, part of the turnover is lost because many employees do not take responsibility for the sales of the company.

Therefore, many companies want to give the employees, who deal with customers (for instance technicians, customer service and consultants), a better basis for selling the company as regards public relations. A lot of customers have confidence in those who are not salesmen.

Therefore, the focus of the hidden money bin is that all employees are to have a more market oriented conduct, which will be able to benefit the earnings and turnover of the company. An assessment is made and this focuses on how much additional sales and potential lie in each employee and in the department as well as how this can be carried out. When all comes to all, this will give the company a better dialogue with the customers – and a better image. In this case, HP has increased their lead generation with 80%.

Says:  Service Manager, Dorit Jensen, Hewlett Packard