Fujitsu | Connection Management


Written by
Rune Færgemann

HR Direktør hos Fujitsu

About Fujitsu

Fujitsu is Japan’s leading ICT (Information and Communication Technology) company and offers a complete portfolio of technology products, solutions and services. More than 170.000 Fujitsu employees service customers in over 100 countries. Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) had, in the financial year which ended on the 31st of March 2011, a consolidated turnover of 55 milliard US$.



For quite some time, the market for IT services and IT infrastructure has been under pressure due to global competition. Today, it is possible to buy on the internet the complex commercial issues, which 10 years ago required commitment to 20 consulting engineers. The data power, which is today available ”in-the-cloud” relatively cheap, a decade ago cost half the Great Belt Bridge.

Fujitsu approached Connection Management because they – in a hurry – wanted management and commercial breakthrough to be visible on the bottom line. The 40 managers, from top management to team leaders, who are all engaged in the project ”Shaping tomorrow with you”, wanted to find a supplier who was able to match their needs and create a common Fujitsu platform through counselling, education and training.

The educational background of the attendees was typically autodidactic managers with great experience from IT as well as Masters of Engineering, economists and graduates.


The solution

Connection Management and Fujitsu started the project by carrying out a preliminary analysis where all opportunities and challenges were analysed. This was done by interviews, steering group meetings, surveys and 360 degree analyses.

A large part of the course and the solution was a management academy where all managers completed a formal and customised management education. The management education was completed with a written business case, where the 48 managers were to contribute with a management issue and a solution which they subsequently were to defend at an oral exam with an external examiner. In addition to the concrete results, which the managers have already created, the management education has given the attendees international merit and ECTS points.

As part of the attendees’ personal development during the course, Connection Management planned and carried out coaching sessions with all attendees. The coaching sessions made it possible for the managers to keep the focus on their own plans of action in the course of development, and at the same time receive competent feedback on the management challenges of everyday life.

In order to prolong and improve the teaching, Fujitsu chose Connection Management’s online Leadership Academy which in this case consisted of 3 e-learning modules. The e-learning modules can be completed online on all mobile platforms, so that the managers are able to submit to and complete the teaching anywhere and whenever – with a concluding certification and test.



Rune Færgemann from Fujitsu says: ”We were very aware that this project was one of our most important internal MUST-WIN-BATTLES. When we are to succeed in making our business even better, it all starts with the management. Thus, the choice of an external consultancy was a crucial parameter – and by choosing Connection Management, we have made the right decision”.