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John Vodstrup Sprange

Salgschef hos Falck

Falck rejoices at flying alarm sale

Falck is a Nordic based company with activities in great parts of Europe and representation on five continents. The four business areas, Assistance, Healthcare, Training and Rescue, together make up the business of Falck. All of the activities of Falck are aimed at preventing accidents and illness, to assist when catastrophes, accidents and emergency situations occur and to help people carry on life after illness or an accident.

An important area for Falck in relation to prevention is among others the newest product Falck Alarm, which besides burglary makes it possible to protect yourself against gas, water and fire accidents. To strengthen the sale, the sales manager at Flack, John Vodstrup Sprange entered at the beginning of the year a collaboration on a customised sales course with Connection Management. “Our salespeople are spread across the whole country and often acts as “lonely wolves” which does not contribute to creating the team spirit which is necessary if we have to increase sales.

The challenge was to develop the salespeople to be able to sell more during a customer visit, and create engagement and team spirit with the salespeople.

First part of the course was individual interviews with the salespeople, after which Falck and Connection Management in collaboration developed a more detailed action plan for the whole sales team which among other things contained sales training, and a number of practical sales exercises.

After  six months, the efforts are felt at the bottom line and the course has been positively received by the salespeople, who now experience that they are part of a bigger team. Furthermore,  a new salesperson ranking show that sales have gone from being sporadic to being more targeted as the individual customer visits now generate more orders.

“We are selling many alarms at the moment and developing offers to both existing and new customers at a fast pace”, John Vodstrup Sprange tells.

Next part of the course will begin after the summer holidays and will place focus on the actual sales situation. The plan is that Connection Management will participate in a joint visit with the customers and coach the salespeople in how they can exploit their success into creating additional sale. “So far, the sales course has been fantastic and I have great expectations to the next part of the course. Connection Management’s teaching style is down-to-earth and easy to convert into practice. The course was completed without anyone losing face”, John Vodstrup Sprange finishes.

Sales Manager, Falck, John Vodstrup Sprange