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Written by
Michael Rhode Enegaard

Erhvervsdirektør hos Danske Bank

In 2004, we needed to give the employees a common experience which matched the implemented growth strategy of the bank. The goal was to move each individual’s limitations and have greater “courage” when facing the unknown. In order to benefit in the best possible way, we chose to seek help and a breath of fresh air from the outside.

We had heard good things about Connection Management and chose to have a no-obligation meeting in order to align needs and expectations. This resulted in a concrete “script”, which took our employees through a meeting in the evening with theory and transgressive experiences and not least, subsequently the opportunity to use what they had been taught in practice.

Subsequently in 2005, we have had a small follow-up meeting one evening in order to sustain the good tact and the inspiring learning. Many employees have moved their limitations and what is more, they have got to know them, all for the benefit of each individual as well as the workplace.

All in all, Connection Management has delivered the product which we originally agreed on, to our full satisfaction.