Cision | Connection Management


Written by
Jens Peter Hansen

Salgsdirektør hos Cision

For several years, our salesmen have alone had the responsible for ensuring accession of new customers and working on increasing sale through existing relations. As our services have become more complex, and our customers have had a growing need for competent professional feedback, we have had a wish of expanding our communication consultants’ inclination to and ability of actively taking part in the sales process, and at the same time a wish of ensuring a better partnership between salesmen and consultants.

We chose Connection Management after a process, where several consultancies were part of the opening deliberations about how to design this process of development. Right from the start, Connection showed a significant will and ability to be able to fulfil our special needs, and with great engagement they entered into the setting of a Sales Academy, where we right from the start enjoyed their competencies in the area.

Through Sales Academy, our expectations have been fully met. We wanted for the attendees to have a competency boost within sales through effective tools and methods combined with inspiring training. At the same time, Connection has been the promoter of starting a strengthened partnership between different types of salesmen and communication consultants. It has been a pleasure seeing how quickly the attendees had their efforts strengthened, and that we as a company have had our results improved. Through the whole process, the consultants from Connection Management have been a great inspiration with their high professional competence and great personal enthusiasm. I can highly recommend Connection Management, when you are looking for an engaged discussion partner, because they know what they are talking about.’