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Written by
Flemming Svenningsen

Manager hos Bodum Logistics

We wanted to show our employees new competences, primarily with a focus on collaboration and service, but also to take more responsibility for own tasks.
Connection Management provided a presentation of the education and we must say, that they hit the spot!
All employees attended the course and everyone was extremely positive, at getting permission to attend and that they were happy during the course, because they thought that it was very relevant and giving. This was especially due to the course leader who was very inspiring and captivated, because he managed to give a lot of good examples from real life which the attendees were able to relate to.

After the course, everyone was happy and “flying”. I received a lot of expressions such as: “It was the best thing I have experienced “, “It was better than the annual business excursion “, “It was just perfect – we are able to use it” and so on.
The best thing, which the company got out of the course, was that, in addition to getting many top motivated and happy employees back, everybody was now on the same wavelength and had the same point of departure and understanding, that tasks are to be solved for the sake of the customers, and that it is in everybody’s interest that we succeed.